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Do women like bald men? An analysis on dating as a bald guy.

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Going bald isn’t painful, it doesn’t cause disease, it doesn’t slow you down or physically impair you in any way. So what’s the big deal? Why do guys stress so much about being bald? Girls, that’s why. The primary reason guys stress about losing their hair is because they think they will become unattractive to the fairer sex. If you’ve been to the movies lately, can you really blame them? It’s time to answer the question once and for all – Do women like bald men?

There are three sections in this post, so feel free to skip around but we do recommend reading them all to get a fully holistic view.

  • Do women like bald men?
  • Case studies of bald guys that have been successful in dating
  • Steps you can take

Do Women Like Bald Men?

It’s not a simple question to answer, but rest assured – you’ve got nothing to worry about. Like everything on this site, our goal is to not sugarcoat things but to instead be as objective and honest as possible. With that, let’s get into it.

If you were to go ask 100 women whether they prefer bald guys or guys with hair, there’s a decent chance that all 99 of those women will say they prefer guys with hair. That’s fine, and it’s nothing to worry about. Just keep reading.

Here’s the thing – being bald isn’t the only characteristic about you. You are a man with your own unique life experience, you have your own stories to tell, your own personality, your own idiosyncrasies, and so on. You are not a girl, you are a man. Remember that because it’s important to my next point.

You are a man before you are bald. Women like men, you’re a man, so women like you.  As long as you act like a man, women will like you. It’s just how nature works.

Think about it – let’s use a metaphor as an example:

If you were to ask the global population what their dream car is, you’d probably hear a lot of Ferraris, Lamborghini’s, Bentleys, and so on.

Does that mean that Toyota Camry’s are bad cars and won’t sell? No.

Do you think the Toyota Camry hears this statistic and thinks in it’s motor brain “Will somebody ever buy me?” No.

Here’s the reality – women, much like men, have “dream guys”. Just because their dream guy is an ex model that works as a doctor and runs a non-profit saving child soldiers, doesn’t mean that they expect to end up with anybody remotely like that. They normally don’t expect that at all.

We are all the product of millions of years of physical and social evolution. Throughout that evolutionary process, things that are intrinsically attractive are embedded deep in our brains. Knowing this, you realize that appearance is probably like 5% of what is actually attractive. All appearance does is get your foot in the door, after that it’s a lot deeper. The trick is getting your foot in the door, and that’s where confidence comes in.

Do women like bald men? 

Yep, women like men, and a lot of men go bald.

Normal Bald Guys That Do Fine With Dating

Yes, everybody knows that Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Patrick Stewart and so on all have women swooning over them. They’re just not really good examples because the majority of guys reading this aren’t going to be movie stars any time soon. It is worth noting though, that a lot of women are genuinely attracted to those men. That’s why in the case study, we’re going to analyze more “normal guys.”

‘Do women like bald men?’ – Normal Guy edition


Yeah, you read that right – me! The author! My story is much like any other – you can read my full account of it here. It’s a long story so I’ll skip the details up to the important stuff. Basically, I was in a foreign country and ran out of Rogaine so I shaved my head at age 21. Since I was in another country 8000 miles from home and knew nobody, it wasn’t that big of a deal. Anything I did felt consequence free because I wouldn’t see any of these people ever again once I got back to the US.

One day I went hiking with a few people from my hostel, all of whom met me and knew me only after I had shaved my head. There were 6 of us, and as the hike progressed we kind of naturally split up into sets of two. The heavens aligned that day, and I ended up hiking most of the way with a girl named Grace. She had the same sense of humor as me and our conversation just really kind of clicked. Not only was she cool, but she was legitimately beautiful – a year younger than me, yoga obsessed, and from rural New England. We ended up together that night, and after “the deed” was done I asked if she wanted to travel with me to the next hostel. One thing led to another, and we ended up traveling for the next 2.5 months together.

There wasn’t happy ending, we didn’t get married or anything – it developed into a relationship but we split up after 7 months. Fortunately, there was a good outcome to the story – I met her when I was already bald. I didn’t have to wonder if women like bald men, because I was bald and met a girl that liked me.

Throughout the rest of my 20’s, I’ve had plenty of fun dates and flings and I don’t feel hindered by my bald head. I think I really lucked out in meeting Grace abroad, she truly restored my dwindling confidence after months of constantly checking my hair in the mirror. That’s the trick – you just need to restore your lost confidence. If you think it’s a bunch of “hokey pokey” BS and there’s more to it than confidence, just read the other examples.

Neil Strauss

If you’re still wondering whether or not women like bald men, look no further than Neil Strauss. As a 24 year old, short, scrawny, balding journalist for the Rolling Stone, Neil Strauss embedded himself with experts in the ‘art of picking up women’ for a piece in the magazine. In doing so, he learned the methods of men who had pretty much turned picking up women into a science. Inspired, he shaved his head, groomed his facial hair, started dressing well, and tried to become a member of the pickup community. One thing led to another, and now he is regarded as the single most successful pickup artist in the world. I especially recommend checking out his book The Game to get a deeper look into his mental state from insecure, dateless bald guy to a full blown bald champion. 

Try asking Neil Strauss “do women like bald men?”

He would probably laugh, and have flashbacks to all the nights he spent clubbing.

do women like bald men?
Neil Strauss

Vadim from Honest Signalz

Unfortunately, I can’t find any copyright friendly photos of Vadim, but he is a tall, pale, and slender bald guy that has a youtube channel on picking up women. There is video evidence of him picking up literally hundreds of girls. Despite being bald, he’s confident, well spoken, and funny. He has no problem with women whatsoever, in fact, he kind of plays his baldness as an advantage. Check out this video of his below and definitely browse his channel.

Pretty Much any Other Guy That is Bald and Confident

Plenty of guys go bald and still are successful with women. You could be one of them! Just take the time to improve yourself and get yourself out there, try following the steps outlined below.

Steps You Can Take To Help Yourself Out

  • Put Yourself Out There
    • If you aren’t getting dates, you probably aren’t asking. Join clubs, travel, put yourself in situations where you interact with women. Ask them out! As long as you aren’t a creep, most women will be flattered by the gesture and be friendly to you even if they aren’t interested.
  • Exercise
    • Release those endorphins – Exercise does wonders for your mental state and physique.
    • If you’re overweight, do cardio and lose weight. If you’re scrawny, lift heavy and gain.
  • Dress Better
  • Read these two books (both of these changed my outlook on dating, Models especially)

In closing – do women like bald men? Yep, they like all men, as long as they’re otherwise confident, well rounded guys.

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