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What Would I Look Like Bald?

Most people with thinning hair know that they need to shave their head but there’s always a few things holding them back. Ultimately – it comes down to uncertainty in appearance. “What would I look like bald?” they wonder.

Just under a decade ago – this was an impossible question to answer without doing the deed and just shaving your head. Today though, with the ever increasing power of technology, it’s relatively simple to simulate a bald head and see what you would look like before fully committing.

There are 3 real options to see what you would look like:

  • Photoshop (hard, accurate)
  • Mobile Apps (Easy, inaccurate)
  • Shaving your head (Easy, accurate)

Option 1: Photoshop -> Bald Photoshop Simulation

Sounds crazy, right? But listen – photoshop is bar none the most accurate way to see what you would look like as a bald person without actually shaving your head. 

Mobile apps and the like can only get you so far, but the power of an experienced photoshop user is unmatched. 

There are two ways to accomplish this – you can do it yourself, or you can hire somebody to do it for you

We actually provide a service to photoshop people bald, you can read more about it here

If you want to photoshop yourself bald, you would have to do this: 

  1. Download Adobe Photoshop. Then you’d have to follow a tutorial like this
  2. Take a solid picture of yourself
  3. Follow a tutorial on photoshopping somebody bald, like this one on youtube

Option 2: Mobile Apps

If you have a mobile phone and an internet connection, this is probably your first option. There are literally dozens of apps out there that will simulate what a bald head looks like on any uploaded photo. The caveat with these apps though is that they tend to simulate only the horseshoe look, they don’t really show a true “shaved” look.

The reason for that is pretty simple – these apps are supposed to be funny. When you simulate a horseshoe look, it looks terrible, and it’s kind of funny. So the mobile apps are good to see what you will potentially look like if you decide to rock a horseshoe for some reason, but they don’t really show what you would actually look like.

With that said, here are the top mobile apps for simulating a bald head:

Bald BoothAndroid / Apple

This is a funny app made by a company with a lot of similar offerings. They make apps to turn people fat, old, ugly, give them mustaches, etc. It’s really easy to use, it’s extremely polished, and it’s just kind of fun and simple. 

With that though, it is worth pointing out that it’s more for entertainment than for actually seeing what you’ll look like bald. 



BaldifyAndroid / Apple

Another funny way to simulate a bald head, baldify offers a few different hair styles you can test. You can test a receded hairline, a horse shoe, or even a scarred head if you wanted to go that far. 

The reviews are pretty mixed and it seems a common complaint is that you can’t completely shave your head – which is to be expected from these kinds of apps. If you want to a test a balding look though, this is the app for you. 



Option 3 -> Shave your head!

Guys, let’s be honest here – every single person that has ever shaved their head ever seems to agree it’s the best option. You’ll save yourself years of stress, lost time, and get back to being yourself the fastest way possible. If you’re already balding to an extreme, most people will very openly compliment how much better you look. It’s just clean, and it looks better than a balding head. Much better. 

I get it though, you’re probably concerned about some things. Let me address those concerns below.. 

Concern 1: You’re worried you might not look good bald

Valid. Super valid. However, I think that people vastly over estimate the impact that a bald head has on their level of attractiveness. If you start to go to the gym, groom your face, work on your posture, and generally follow the steps outlined in our article How To Look Good Bald, you’ll be way ahead of most other guys, hair or not. 

Concern 2: You’re concerned that girls don’t like bald guys

I can assure you, as a guy that lost his hair at age 20, that this is absolutely not the case. Initially, my dating life took a huge hit – mostly from age 19-20, which is actually before I shaved my head. I was so incredibly self conscious that girls would notice my thinning hair that I couldn’t even talk to them. After perusing the internet for a while, as you are now, I decided the best option was to shave it off. I was so anxious about it, and I’ve spoken to girls about this a lot – how self conscious I was when I lost my hair, how I tried to hide it, etc. Every single one of them – literally every single one, has said that guys care about it way more than girls do. 

At the end of the day, straight women like men. Men go bald. It’s just how it is. Going bald is a masculine thing, and it’s really in your best interest to embrace it. 

If you’re still having doubts with this, I highly encourage you to read my personal experience dating as a bald guy

Concern 3: You’re worried that you’ll lose your style and identity

First – in regards to your physical grooming – A lot of guys have this misconception that if you go bald, your options are binary: you either are a straight egghead or you have a horseshoe and look terrible. 

I’m happy to report that isn’t even remotely true. I’m the main author of a website for bald men, and I don’t even razor shave my head. I buzz it with clippers every few days and have a decent shadow going at all times. There are so many variant lengths and facial hair combinations that it’s not even funny. You can experiment and find something that looks good on you.

I find inspiration by looking at what famous bald men are rocking, guys like Joe Rogan, Jason Statham, even Kobe Bryant (may he rest in peace). I wrote briefly about different grooming style options for bald guys here.

Second – in regards to your personal style – You’ll still have all of the clothes you had before you went bald. However, it’s probably not a good look to dress like a teenage skater punk as a fully grown bald man. With that said, there are looks that a bald guy can rock really well. I went deep in to fashion tips for bald guys in this post

Would you look good with a shaved head?

Below we’ll go over a list of things that make you look good bald. Each idea is weighted. Figure out how many points you have and we’ll give you an idea of what that means at the end of the page. 

  1. You have a normal head shape (2 points)

    • I browse reddit often, and there are SO many guys that have perfectly normal skulls that think their head is too big to shave.
      • You will always be your own biggest critic. Your head shape is statistically speaking, probably normal. If you are paranoid, you can always post on and they’re likely to confirm that.
    • Generally, if you have a smaller head, it looks better to have a more rounded face and jaw.
    • If you have a medium/bigger head, the more square your jaw and face are, the better.
  2. You lift weights (2 points)

    • Every guy should be lifting weights, but if you’re bald it’s doubly important. Rocking a bald head is a hyper-masculine look, so you need the muscle to back that. You don’t need to look like Dwayne Johnson, but it’s good to be someone that hits the gym 3-4x a week.
  3. You already are good looking (4 points)

    • If you’re already good looking, despite what you think, you’re still probably going to look good bald.
    • When people talk to you, they look at your face, not your head. If you have a nice face, you have very little to be concerned about.
  4. You dress well (3 points)

    • Clothes, unfortunately, are pretty important. I don’t necessarily agree with how shallow our society has become but the fact still remains. People that dress well just look better. Think of a good looking bald guy you know – are they wearing a worn out hoodie from college, or are they rocking a well fitting, calculated outfit?
    • If you’re not sure where to start, check out our post on fashion for bald men.
  5. You take care of your face / have proper hygiene (2 points)

    • You’re using a daily cleanser and moisturizing after
    • You’re keeping your facial hair groomed. Beards with a bald head are fine, and in many cases beneficial, just be sure to keep it clean.
    • You take showers daily and use deodorant. (Should be obvious, but people are crazy..)
  6. You have straight and bright teeth (see details)

    • If you live in a western nation, this is 2 points.
    • If you live outside of a western nation, this is 1 point.
  7. You have dark skin (2 points)

    • Generally, the darker your skin, the better you will look with a bald head. Indian guys seem like they are the most reluctant to shave their head, when they generally look among the best with a shaved head.
    • If you are on the lighter end of the spectrum (as I am), just get outside every now and then. Get a tan but don’t overdo it and hurt your skin. Also – if you’re white, you don’t necessarily need to skin shave your head. You can keep it buzzed – think Jason Statham and Bruce Willis. It’s subjective, but I’ve generally been told by women to keep a little bit of hair over being totally shaved despite being bald up top.
  8. You have an active, successful lifestyle (5 points)

    • This might seem like some phony, self help click-bait style advice. But it really is the bottom line. People are drawn to folks that radiate success, health, and happiness.
    • The best part? It’s in your control. You can choose to work hard, you can choose to try new things, and get yourself into this position. We are living in the golden age of opportunity, thanks to the internet.
      • Even if you are an absolute, worst case scenario, bottom of the lottery genetics, you still have control over the most important aspect of how people see you.

Will I look good bald? Summing up the results

Go through the points above and get your final count.

20+: Lucky you, you’re probably a stud. When you shave your head it will have little to no true impact on your life. You’re going to look and be great. 

16-19: Despite not being a 20, you’re really close. You probably already enjoy a lot of success in life and are scared that shaving your head will disrupt some of that. Don’t worry – at this level, you’ve got nothing to worry about. 

10-15: This range means you’re going to be right about average. Most bald guys, like most people in the population regardless of hairstyle, are basically average. Most women are average too. You should feel good – you probably fit in with the universe a lot more than you think.

<10: If you’re under 10, you’re just messing up, man. At least 12 of those points are things that are in your direct control, like hygiene, fitness, lifestyle, and clothing. Again, even if you are the absolute worst case scenario genetically, a lot of the success in your life will be dictated by things that are in your control. Read around this website, hopefully we can get you shaped up. If you want to look good when you’re bald, you need to make some changes in your life.

If you took the time to go through that, you should have a general idea of where you’ll stand after you shave your head. Remember, guys – the majority of the points on that list are actually things that are in your control. Life isn’t only genetics – a lot of it is active decisions and things you can improve.

I know a lot of what was said in this article may sound cliche and self-help like, but honestly – I’m bald, I’ve been bald for 5 years. I’ve lived it and I get it, this is straight from the soul honest, calculated advice. 

Are You Sure You’re Even Going Bald? 

Hey, if you just want to see what you wanted to look like bald for fun, power to you. However, I understand that most people are here because they’re probably very stressed and concerned that they might go bald in the future.

There is a significant percentage of the male population that loses their hair, so unfortunately, the odds aren’t in your favor if your family has a history of baldness. With that said though, very often, men mistake other things as symptoms of male pattern baldness. There are vitamin deficiencies, natural cowlicks, stress induced (but temporary) hair loss, and, many times, confirmation biases where men think they’re going bald even though their hair looks fine. 

It’s important to understand how to tell if you’re actually going bald or not

Don’t want to go bald? 

Fine – I understand. I’ve gone through this myself, and am passing no judgement. There is a world of information out there in regards to hair loss treatments, so let me save you some time. 

The most effective, bar none way to stop hairloss, is by using a combination of 4 treatments and techniques. 

  • Minoxidil -> supplies more blood to the hair
  • Finasteride -> reduces the chemical that causes hair follicles to shrink
  • Ketoconazole -> Anti fungal to keep the scalp healthy
  • Dermarolling -> micro scalp wounds that induce healing/growth agents in the scalp 

I implore you not to go down the rabbit hole searching for hair loss treatments. It’s a stressful way to waste a lot of money. The list above is the absolute best regime you can possibly do, and is spoken about at length on various hair loss forums. 

The Most Effective Hair Loss Treatment Regime

First is Minoxidil – you can buy this over the counter at any pharmacy. It is FDA approved and for the most part safe, but there are some potential side effects to be aware of

Second is Finasteride. Finasteride is a prescription drug that reduces DHT (A potent form of testosterone) in the bloodstream. It is generally considered safe, and is by far the single most effective hair loss treatment. Most people take a small 1mg pill daily, and stop their hair from falling out further. In many cases, finasteride actually reverses hair loss and regrows lost hair. 

It’s not all sunshine and roses though. There are very concerning side effects that turn many men (myself included) off of trying the drug entirely. These side effects include gynecomastia and erectile dysfunction, which, in some cases has been reported as non-temporary. In addition, there is a condition called Post Finasteride Syndrome that includes severely negative physical, sexual, and neurological effects. 

Because finasteride is so effective but also comes with so many risks, it might not hurt to check out alternatives to finasteride that aren’t as potent but could still be helpful. 

Third is Ketoconazole. Ketoconazole is an antifungal shampoo that is allegedly good for hair loss because it may reduce the amount of DHT affecting hair follicles. You should not use Ketoconazole more than once a week.  

Fourth is dermarolling. Dermarolling is a treatment where tiny little needles are rolled over the scalp, causing very small micro wounds. The scalp then reacts by triggering healing agents, which in turn can allegedly cause hair regrowth. Dermarolling gained popularity after thousands of reports demonstrating a significant positive impact, even without the use of finasteride. There are insane before and afters with the combination of minoxidil and a dermaroller alone. 

In Conclusion

There are really only 3 ways to see what you would look like bald. You can use photoshop, a mobile app, or you can just shave your head and look in the mirror. You might think it’s helpful to see what you look like bald before going all the way and cutting your hair off, but it’s best to just go for it and see what happens. We totally recommend shaving your head, but we understand your hesitation. In that case, maybe give our bald photoshop simulation a go. 

Anyways, I hope you found value in this post. Please feel free to reach out with any concerns at all. 

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