Welcome to The Bald Champion, the best resource for bald guys who want to look good and become more confident.

So you just realized you’re going bald. We’ve all been there, just follow this guide and we’ll help you through it. 

First –   Figure out if you’re actually going bald. The safe bet here is to look at older relatives. If anybody related to you is bald, your chances go way up. If you really aren’t sure, take a photo and get some feedback from a forum like this one.

Second – Figure out why you’re going bald. If you’re still relatively young, there may be lifestyle choices accelerating the process. Be sure to eat well, exercise, and lower your stress level. It can’t hurt!

Third – Decide what you want to do. Your plan of action comes down to two choices: you can either fight it, or you can accept it. Follow this guide to help you decide.

Fourth – Don’t panic. Millions of guys have been there. They went on to be Presidents, Astronauts, CEO’s, etc. You’ll learn in time that your actions and thoughts dictate your life, not your hairline. 





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