Balding: Embrace it or Reject it?

The initial phase of balding can be a difficult time in a mans life. You’ve probably been surfing the web, reading up on what you should do next by now, getting waves of misleading information. “Shave it!”. “Get on propecia right away, there is no other option!”. “You’re screwed, get a wig!”. With so many options, what is a balding guy to do?

Joe Rogan at some UFC thing.

Unfortunately, nobody can really answer that for you. You have to decide for yourself. This is a difficult question for any guy, as it is a deeply personal one. The fact is, the majority of guys will try to combat balding initially. Even guys that look great bald have admitted to trying to fight it at first, even guys like Joe Rogan.

Here’s the truth. Hair loss is a multi billion dollar industry and there is a reason for that – a lot, I mean a LOT of guys are not okay with going bald. They are willing to shell out hundreds to thousands of dollars for the possibility of keeping a thick head of hair. Totally understandable, too – guys have been groomed by Hollywood to believe that you have to have hair to be the hero, the lead, the good guy. The bald guys are evil, sick, etc.

Regardless of what you have been lead to believe, I want to tell you something. Going bald really is not that bad. Online polls like this one show that society overwhelmingly encourages guys like you to just shave your head. I’ve been shaving my head for a couple of years now. No joke, no BS, I honestly like it a lot. Being openly bald is so effortless and exudes a certain level of “I don’t really give a fuck.” People like that, believe me.

Despite my own opinion on the issue, I understand that deciding whether or not to seek treatment is a pretty daunting task. After going through it myself, I came up with a little workflow that could potentially help you out.

First – Think about it. Is losing your hair a big deal for you? If not, just let it happen.

Second – Understand the treatments. You can read about them here. There are plenty of options with varying levels of risk, success, cost, and commitment.

Third – Make a decision. Here are a few questions that can help.

  •  Will going bald truly have a significant negative impact on my life trajectory?
  •  Knowing my own level of hair loss and understanding the treatments, is the  probability     of successful treatment worth the time, money, and risk?
  •  Have I even tried buzzing my hair yet to see what I would look like? (Please  do this, you might be surprised by how good you look!)

There you have it. Think, understand, and decide.


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