Finasteride Alternatives That Actually Work [2020]

The web is rife with contradictions and confusion regarding male pattern baldness, finasteride, and its side effects. It’s for that reason we created this site – to provide no BS information to guys going through the weeds. We are not medical experts, we are just guys that have been through the process and done a lot of research along the way. We are asked about alternatives to propecia and finasteride often enough to justify writing a guide about the subject. So with that, it’s time to explore the wonderful world of Propecia and finasteride alternatives.

Finasteride is the recommended smoking gun to fight hair loss, but unfortunately, some guys are sensitive to it. It has horrific potential side effects like sexual dysfunction, brain fog, depression, etc. If you experience any of these, it’s imperative that you speak with your doctor. Seriously, go talk to your doctor.

If you are forced to quit finasteride though, hopefully this guide will help you see and understand that there are alternative DHT inhibitors to help you sustain your hair.

It is important to note that this information is not professional medical advice. Always speak with your doctor regarding any medical concerns. This is a guide to help you explore your options. 

Propecia and Finasteride Alternatives

First – it’s important to acknowledge what this guide is. We are only listing products that have enough evidence and science behind them that actually work. If we listed every potential alternative to finasteride, the list would be 100 pages long and not very helpful.

As such, we did a lot of digging. A lot of digging. In the end, we settled on three products that we can feel morally okay recommending. They actually work, they’re safe, and they have legitimate studies behind them.

If you combine the below products, you’ll have a pretty decent regimen going that is comparable to finasteride. The best part: they’re all topical. You just rub them on your head and, at absolute minimum, drastically improve the lifespan of your remaining hairs. At best, you’ll regrow a lot of hair, just like finasteride. YMMV.

Low Level Light Therapy, aka.. a laser helmet

Laser therapy helmets have been all the rage recently. We were pretty skeptical at first but after hours upon hours of research, sifting through testimonials, studies, and basically everything we could get our hands on we came to a conclusion:

At a minimum, laser helmets are harmless. At a maximum, laser helmets can maintain and regrow a huge amount of hair. 

In studies, literally 100% of patients using the iRestore Essential grew back hair, and it showed that there was a 43% increase in hair density.

To get the full effect, you’re supposed to just wear the helmet for 25 minutes every other day. That’s really not too bad, considering the safety profile in comparison to something like finasteride.

At the time of writing this, the seller for the iRestore Essential offers a 6 month full refund period. So it’s worth a shot, if it doesn’t work – just send it back.

Saw Palmetto

Not all treatments for hairloss are made in a laboratory, there are a few natural compounds that also act as DHT inhibitors. 

Among natural finasteride alternatives, Saw Palmetto reigns as the #1. It can come in pill form and it works the same mechanism as finasteride, it just reduces DHT.

Because of this, we know Saw Palmetto shows promise as an alternative to finasteride. One study showed that total hair counts increased 11.9% after 4 months of topical saw palmetto. 48% of the men in the study noted enhancements to their hair thickness, and the study ultimately concluded that topical Saw Palmetto was a safe and effective treatment for AGA. We highly recommend using this product in particular because it contains Saw Palmetto in combination with Pumpkin Seed Extract, which is another effective natural DHT inhibitor. Many users have reported success on various forums using this combination.

Pumpkin Seed Extract

Pumpkin Seed Extract has grown wildly in popularity among the natural DHT inhibitors. This study noted that men reported a 40% increase in hair after 4 months among the subjects taking daily Pumpkin Seed Extract as a finasteride alternative. We again highly recommend this product because it contains both Saw Palmetto and Pumpkin Seed Extract. If you would like more information about Pumpkin Seed Extract as a natural alternative to finasteride, check out this article.


Yeah, this one is obvious but it’s still worth mentioning incase some of you don’t know about it yet. Ketoconazole shampoo is part of the “Big 3” hair loss treatments. This study showed that Ketoconazole alone resulted in similar hair regrowth to that of minoxidil. Not only is Ketoconazole a DHT inhibitor, but it is also anti fungal, so it works to keep the scalp healthy and clean to further promote hair growth. One of the communities favorite finasteride alternatives to date.

Now, there are several options when it comes to ketoconazole. The generic, cheap brand is Nizoral Shampoo. It’ll get the job done, but we recommend something like Regenepure DR instead. The most important ingredient, Ketoconazole, is in both shampoos. The difference is that the Regenepure brand is made specifically for hair loss, and has a lot of other beneficial ingredients in it. If you’re tight on cash, the generic will work fine. If you can spend the extra 10 dollars, go for the Regenepure DR for the extra boost.

The Finasteride Alternative Action Plan – A Regime

Alright, you’ve made it this far! Nice. A lot of research and effort has been done to put this together, so we thank you for reading our content. With that, here is the action plan.

What You Need
  1. Regenepure DR Shampoo
  2. Pumpkin Seed Exact and Saw Palmetto Fusion
  3. iRestore Essential
How to Use Them

Daily: Put the Pumpkin Seed Extract/ Saw Palmetto Fusion on your head. It comes in a dropper so just drop enough on your head that you can spread it out and give it a chance to absorb. Some people do this at night before bed, sleeping with it in. Others apply it mid-day so that they can wash it out before they sleep. It’s up to you – just put it in once a day and make sure it’s on your scalp for at least 4 hours.

Every other day: If you’re like most men in the post streaming age, you’re probably spending a decent amount of time each day watching netflix. So during your favorite show, throw on the iRestore Essential for half an episode (25 mins) each day.

Hopefully you’re showering regularly, but if you aren’t, you’re going to need to now.

Every 4 days: In the shower, rinse your hair out with the shampoo. (Think of it like clearing the slate, it’s important for the next step.) After your hair is clean, apply the ketoconazole shampoo to the top of your head. Keep it there for 5-7 minutes, you may feel a tingling sensation. We recommend listening to music to help you keep track of time. It’s important that you don’t do this more than 3x a week.


That’s it, guys. Between the shampoo, the topical saw palmetto, and the iRestore Essential, you’ll have a solid setup to fight your hair loss. A good alternative to finasteride in the form of a topical regime. No pills, just rubbing your head every now and then. There are plenty of finasteride alternatives, it’s just a matter of finding the good ones and putting them together. A lot of men have had success with this routine, and we hope the same for you.

This post was about natural finasteride alternatives, which are basically DHT blockers to stop your hair from falling out. If you’re interested in regrowth, we recommend you try dermarolling for hair loss.

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  1. for mild enlarged prostate doctor prescribed finastride 0.5mg daily one tablet
    does pumpkin see oil is an alternative of this finastride, because to side effects we
    cannot use finastride, and pumpkin seed oil shrink prostate size, please advise

  2. Do you believe that the saw palmetto and pumpkin seed extract is as effective in a pill form as it is topical?

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