Bald Photoshop Simulation

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Bald Photoshop Simulation

Guys (and girls), let me guess why you’re here.

You’re losing your hair, but you’re a little apprehensive to shave your head because you aren’t quite sure what you’ll look like. There are multiple options to simulate what you’d look like, but short of actually shaving your head, photoshop is realistically the best you’re going to get.

When I initially started losing my hair, I downloaded those bald simulation apps and tried them on myself. Most of them were pretty inaccurate and essentially useless, although entertaining.

So, here’s the deal.

You’re over there, unsure of what you’ll look like after shaving your head.

We’re over here, with years of photoshop experience, and empathy towards the situation since we’ve been through it ourselves.

We will photoshop a normal picture of you into the bald version of you

  • Custom made, every time, by an experienced photoshop practitioner
  • Anonymous. We go out of our way to keep this anonymous and secure.
  • Accurate. Extra care is taken to give the most realistic outcome possible. The primary goal is to give you an idea of what you might look like with a shaved head.

Interested? Great!

This is all you have to do – 

  1. Take a photo of yourself
    • Take it straight on from in front of your face
    • It should be well lit
    • **Remove your glasses**
    • If possible, the background behind you should be one color (selfies against a white wall are ideal)
  2. Go through the checkout and upload the image with your CORRECT email.
  3. Wait a maximum of 72 hours to receive a photoshopped simulation of yourself with a bald head.
  4. Feel reassured, no longer scared of the unknown
  5. Decide to shave your head, since you’ll probably look like a stunner

Rest assured that anonymity is incredibly important here, and your photo will only be between us. 

6 reviews for Bald Photoshop Simulation

  1. Steve Welsch

    I asked them to give me a little bit of stubble in a receding pattern and they got it pretty spot on. I look ok, but I think I’m going to keep using finasteride regardless. It’s not letting me upload my picture but if anybody wants to see how it looks, feel free to hmu

    If you’re curious what you’ll look like bald, they definitely do a good job if you can handle the price.

  2. Andrew

    I’ve been putting off shaving my head for this exact reason. Worth every penny though, it was the final push I needed

  3. Don’t want to put my name

    I’m pretty much bald already but I wanted to see what i would look like with smp. He ( i think ? ) did a good job with the photoshop.

  4. Josh W.

    It says 72 hours but I they sent me the image about 3 hours later. The picture looks totally real, without knowing, I’m not sure somebody else would be able to tell it was photoshopped. My hair is thinning so I will probably have to shave eventually, and this gave me some peace of mind knowing what I’ll look like.

    Minus one star because the price was lowered the day after I bought it.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This was extremely valuable for me and helped me just go for shaving my head. Thank you.

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Received exactly as advertised. If you want to see what you might look like with a shaved head, is worth it then.

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