How would I look bald?

Most men that are losing their hair are fully aware of the widely recommended, instant solution – shaving your head. In any metropolitan area, it’s easy to still find dozens of guys that are clearly balding and holding on to essentially nothing. So… why are they doing it? Why aren’t they just shaving their head? It’s because they don’t know the answer to one simple question, and the answer worries them: “How would I look bald?”

Tight on cash? No worries – just keep reading. We can give you a rough idea of where on the looks totem-pole you’ll be without hair.

In our article How to Look Good Bald, we discuss things you can do to maximize your look as a bald guy. The general concepts of that can basically be used to gauge how you’ll look like bald.

Below we’ll go over a list of things that make you look good bald. Each idea is weighted. Figure out how many points you have and we’ll give you an idea of what that means at the end of the page.

How would I look bald? The Checklist

  1. You have a normal head shape (2 points)
    • I browse reddit often, and there are SO many guys that have perfectly normal skulls that think their head is too big to shave.
      • You will always be your own biggest critic. Your head shape is statistically speaking, probably normal. If you are paranoid, you can always post on and they’re likely to confirm that.
    • Generally, if you have a smaller head, it looks better to have a more rounded face and jaw.
    • If you have a medium/bigger head, the more square your jaw and face are, the better.
  2. You lift weights (2 points)
    • Every guy should be lifting weights, but if you’re bald it’s doubly important. Rocking a bald head is a hyper-masculine look, so you need the muscle to back that. You don’t need to look like Dwayne Johnson, but it’s good to be someone that hits the gym 3-4x a week.
  3. You already are good looking (4 points)
    • If you’re already good looking, despite what you think, you’re still probably going to look good bald.
    • When people talk to you, they look at your face, not your head. If you have a nice face, you have very little to be concerned about.
  4. You dress well (3 points)
    • Clothes, unfortunately, are pretty important. I don’t necessarily agree with how shallow our society has become but the fact still remains. People that dress well just look better. Think of a good looking bald guy you know – are they wearing a worn out hoodie from college, or are they rocking a well fitting, calculated outfit?
    • If you’re not sure where to start, check out our post on fashion for bald men.
  5. You take care of your face / have proper hygiene (2 points)
    • You’re using a daily cleanser and moisturizing after
    • You’re keeping your facial hair groomed. Beards with a bald head are fine, and in many cases beneficial, just be sure to keep it clean.
    • You take showers daily and use deodorant. (Should be obvious, but people are crazy..)
  6. You have straight and bright teeth (see details)
    • If you live in a western nation, this is 2 points.
    • If you live outside of a western nation, this is 1 point.
  7. You have dark skin (2 points)
    • Sorry, guys – just keeping it real. Generally, the darker your skin, the better you will look with a bald head. Indian guys seem like they are the most reluctant to shave their head, when they generally look among the best with a shaved head.
    • If you are on the lighter end of the spectrum (as I am), just get outside every now and then. Get a tan but don’t overdo it and hurt your skin. Also – if you’re white, you don’t necessarily need to skin shave your head. You can keep it buzzed – think Jason Statham and Bruce Willis. It’s subjective, but I’ve generally been told by women to keep a little bit of hair over being totally shaved despite being bald up top.
  8. You have an active, successful lifestyle (5 points)
    • This might seem like some phony, self help click-bait style advice. But it really is the bottom line. People are drawn to folks that radiate success, health, and happiness.
    • The best part? It’s in your control. You can choose to work hard, you can choose to try new things, and get yourself into this position. We are living in the golden age of opportunity, thanks to the internet.
      • Even if you are an absolute, worst case scenario, bottom of the lottery genetics, you still have control over the most important aspect of how people see you.

Will I look good bald? Summing up the results

Go through the points above and get your final count.

20+ Lucky you, you’re probably a stud. When you shave your head it will have little to no true impact on your life. You’re going to look and be great. 
16-19 Despite not being a 20, you’re really close. You probably already enjoy a lot of success in life and are scared that shaving your head will disrupt some of that. Don’t worry – at this level, you’ve got nothing to worry about. 
10-16 This range means you’re going to be right about average. Most bald guys, like most people in the population regardless of hairstyle, are basically average. Most women are average too. You should feel good – you probably fit in with the universe a lot more than you think.
<9 If you’re under 10, you’re just messing up, man. At least 12 of those points are things that are in your direct control, like hygiene, fitness, lifestyle, and clothing. Again, even if you are the absolute worst case scenario genetically, a lot of the success in your life will be dictated by things that are in your control. Read around this website, hopefully we can get you shaped up. If you want to look good when you’re bald, you need to make some changes in your life.

In Conclusion..

If you took the time to go through that, you should have a general idea of where you’ll stand after you shave your head. Remember, guys – the majority of the points on that list are actually things that are in your control. Life isn’t only genetics – a lot of it is active decisions and things you can improve.

I know a lot of what was said in this article may sound cliche and self-help like, but honestly – I’m bald, I’ve been bald for 5 years. I’ve lived it and I get it, this is straight from the soul honest, calculated advice. 

Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll stick around to check out some of our other content too.

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