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Hairmetto Review – Is Hairmetto an effective Finasteride Alternative?

The hair loss industry is a $3.6 billion dollar industry, and with good reason. Guys are often desperate to keep their hair and will go through great lengths to do so. Unfortunately, these men are often taken advantage of and sold products that simply don’t work. With this in mind, we decided to take a look at Hairmetto – a topical product that combines Saw Palmetto and Pumpkin Seed Extract into a liquid form. We wanted to check if Hairmetto actually works as promised, whether it’s ingredients are reliable, and ultimately, whether or not it’s worth buying. With that, let’s get into it – the Hairmetto review.

What is hairmetto?

Hairmetto is a topical hair loss product that is said to reduce scalp DHT levels, thus prolonging the life of your hair and even regrow it. The product is $59.99 US and lasts for 3 months per bottle. Hairmetto is sold as an alternative to finasteride, because it is a topical DHT blocker and has no reported side effects.


The effectiveness of any hair loss product ultimately comes down to the effectiveness of it’s individual ingredients, so lets take a look at the ingredients Hairmetto contains. Below is the hairmetto review of it’s individual ingredients.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a plant that has been used for medicinal purposes throughout history. Much like Finasteride, it’s primary medical use has been to treat prostate conditions. Similar to Finasteride, it was also found to have anti-androgenic effects that stop hair loss and promote hair growth. In this study, researchers noticed an 11.9% increase in hair density after 4 months of topical Saw Palmetto treatment. Overall, it’s not officially recognized by the FDA as a hair loss treatment but there are enough studies and reports that we think it’s likely to be a solid natural alternative to Finasteride for hair loss.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin Seed Oil is exactly what it sounds like. It’s processed pumpkin seeds prepared and blended into an oil, and it’s a pretty common supplement to combat hair loss. Browsing reddit, there seem to be literally hundreds of guys that use it to supplement their normal hair loss routine. There are a few studies on Pumpkin Seed Oil, but one stands out in particular. In this study, men treated with Pumpkin Seed Oil experienced a 40% increase in mean hair count. Those results are extremely promising, and we hope there are more similar studies in the future.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is another common natural treatment for hair loss, users seem to swear by it. Based on this reddit post, the user reported significant thickening of their hair. There don’t seem to be any studies supporting castor oil as a hair loss treatment. With this in mind, we can’t fully endorse castor oil as an effective treatment, but based on the waves of support it seems to have online, we can’t completely rule it out as ineffective. With that in mind, we’ll give castor oil a review of “plausible, but promising.”

Ingredients Summary

Saw Palmetto and Pumpkin Seed Oil are both common natural treatments to hair loss. Given the results of their respective studies as well as the many reports online, we have reason to believe that they are probably effective treatments. These are two of the primary ingredients in Hairmetto, so we have reason to believe that Hairmetto is likely effective based on these ingredients alone. We actually discussed Saw Palmetto and PSO in our alternatives to finasteride post. On top of that, Hairmetto also has castor oil, rosemary antioxidant, lavender oil, and cedarwood oil – all of which promote a healthy scalp.

The Product

Hairmetto comes in a 4 oz bottle and is applied through a dripper. It smells like lavender and feels much like any other oil – slippery. It washes of the hands easily and dries on the scalp within a few minutes. It’s recommended use is to apply a few drops, rub it into the scalp, and leave it on overnight. We like this approach because it means you don’t have to leave it in your hair all day. With minoxidil and other topicals, you’re recommended to keep them in during the day and not when you sleep. Hairmetto is the opposite – just keep it in when you sleep!


Like any product, results seem to vary. Pumpkin Seed Oil and Saw Palmetto each boast an impressive repertoire of results online, but Hairmetto seems to be lacking many before and afters. With that said though, there are a few worth checking out, posted below:

  • This Hairmetto review shows great results and is worth checking out. The guys hair is visibly thicker after just a few weeks. Obviously, we don’t know his full routine, but he was using Hairmetto at the time of this significant regrowth so that has to mean something.
  • The Hairmetto website here has a few testimonials of the product, all of which sound pretty promising
  • Here’s the full page of Hairmetto Reviews on Amazon, for the most part they are positive. Only 11% of the reviews are “below average”, the rest are 3 star and above. The majority of the reviews are 5 star, satisfied customers. Always a good sign!

Hairmetto Review – Our Conclusion

Hairmetto is a high quality product. Based on the effectiveness of it’s individual ingredients, the reviews and results of it’s current users, as well as it’s ease of use – we feel comfortable recommending Hairmetto to our readers. Costing at around $20 per month, it’s a cheap enough treatment with a promising enough record that it’s at least worth trying. There’s a good chance that at a very minimum, it will slow down your hair loss and give you a few extra years.

You can buy Hairmetto on amazon.

Hopefully you found our Hairmetto review of use. We have a lot of other stuff on this site we think you might like too!

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  1. It is worth trying and I am considering.

    You have three options: use pharmaceuticals which come with potential scary side effects particularly for men, try natural methods which are cheaper in the long run and with little to no side effects, or merely accept the fact you will lose it all.

    These products also uses rosemary and peppermint oils although the main selling points are the stinging nettle, pumpkin seed, and saw palmetto. There are far too many positive reviews from independent sources to dismiss such things as pseudoscience. In some cases users have posted demonstrable results using these products.

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