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Hairstyles for Bald Men – More Options Than You Think

Oh no, you’re losing your hair! Fear not – losing your hair doesn’t mean you don’t still have a plethora of grooming options. There are actually plenty of different hairstyles for bald men.

It’s easy to assume that when you’re losing your hair, your only style option is to completely shave your head clean. While well-intentioned, this advice isn’t completely accurate.

When you’re bald, you don’t have to shave your head. It’s recommended to at least try it once, but there are still a lot of different of looks you can try. Think about it – you can have infinitely varying hair length on your head and infinitely varying length of hair on your face. With your facial hair, you can have dozens upon dozens of facial hair styles. With that said, despite losing your hair, there are still hundreds of different hairstyles to pick from. You will find one that works for you, it’s a mathematical inevitability.

Here are, in my humble opinion, the best hairstyles for bald men:

Shaved head with a beard

If you can grow a nice beard, this look is a classic. Luckily, as a bald man, you’ll be able to grow a beard better than most guys. This hairstyle is very niche, there is a small subset of the female population that goes absolutely nuts over it. Also – bald hipsters – this is the look for you. Examples of the shaved head with a beard look.

Head and Beard Stubble

This look is my personal favorite, and what I personally rock on a daily basis. It’s easy – just buzz your head with electric clippers every few days and let nature run it’s course. It’s a very masculine look and has a slight balancing effect to your face. If you have a good jaw line, this is the best of the hairstyles for bald men. Examples of the head and beard stubble look.

Pro Tip – Try a long Zero on the top, a mid zero on the upper side, and a low zero on the mid-bottom sides. A mini fade on a zero works really well as a hairstyle for bald men. 

Mid-length(for a bald guy) Hair with facial Stubble

I’ll be honest, this is a look is hard for the majority of guys to pull off. The reality is that not everybody looks like Jason Statham. However, for those that do rock this look – it’s a total killer. Here are examples of the mid-length with facial stubble bald look.

Totally Clean Shaven

And of course, there’s always totally clean shaven bald. If you get a tan and keep care of your skin, you can rock this look very well. Here is everyones favorite example of the clean shaven look – Patrick Stewart.

The 4 options above are probably the best hairstyles for bald men, but they’re not the only options.

The truth is.. varies guy to guy. In the end, you need to experiment. Try buzzing your hair at different lengths, try buzzing your facial hair at different lengths, try different facial hair styles. There are so many options, surely you will find one that looks good on you.

Over the next few weeks, try mixing and matching these two categories-

Top of head

(Experiment with the length)

Clean Shaven Head

Zero Trim Head

One Trim Head

Any of the lengths between One and Zero

Grow Hair Out on Head

Facial Hair

(Pick any of the hundreds of different facial hair styles and experiment with length)

Clean Shaven Face

Zero Trim Stubble on Face

One Trim Stubble on Face

Any of the lengths between One and Zero

Between those two categories, you have like 100+ different hairstyles as a bald guy.

Hairstyles for bald men – Closing Tips

  1. Find a bald celebrity who you think you could look like, try styling your hair like them.
  2. Try doing a fade on the side of your head. Work from a low zero to a high zero from the low side to the top of your head. Jason Statham does this.
  3. Dress well to compliment your look – Style for Bald Guys
  4. For the love of god, exercise – it will improve your overall look immensely

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  1. Every man’s experience of balding is a bit different so there isn’t just one clear answer for everyone as to how they groom their head afterwards.

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