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Champions Guide to Taking Care of Your Bald Head

Newly shaved head? Here’s how to take care of the skin on your bald head.

The time has come – you’ve shaved your head. To your absolute demise, though – it’s not an impeccable slate of dermis as you had expected. After an entire lifetime hidden away from the world, the skin on your scalp is pale, oily, bumpy – and just overall unsightly. Not to worry though, it happens to all of us. After a very short period of time and some small effort, you’ll have your head looking as good as ever. Here is your guide to bald skincare.

There are hundreds of different guides online regarding how to take care of your head, but this is what’s worked for me.

Bald Skincare 101

1. Shave your head the right way.

Believe it or not, there is a right way to shave your head. It’s pretty simple, though, so fear not. It comes down to this – use a good shaving cream, use a good razor, be careful when you shave, and clean your face properly when you’re done. Shaving products, specific for shaving your head, are listed here –

2. Get a Quality Shampoo

Despite not having hair anymore, your head will still be producing oil. Some guys won’t have this problem, but the majority will. We recommend Lipogaine Big 3 shampoo – we cannot speak well enough for the satisfaction we’ve all experienced from this shampoo. It’s marketed as a hair loss shampoo, but the underlying idea of it is this: by keeping the scalp healthy, hair loss will slow. So even though you don’t have hair anymore, it’s still good to use a product that keeps your scalp healthy.

3. Get a tan

Don’t go overboard with this, as we’re all fully aware of the risks associated with skin cancer. But it’s good to have a tan. The darker your skin tone, the better you’ll look with a shaved head. Beyond that, vitamin D is very good for the skin and will keep it looking healthy.

4. Exfoliate, cleanse, tone, moisturize

Your head is still skin, so take care of it the same way you would ideally take care of your face: exfoliate, cleanse, tone, moisturize. By doing this on a daily basis, your skin will be blemish free, dandruff-free, and very nice to the touch. Hopefully you already have a routine going for your face, in which case just extend that same routine to care for the skin on your bald head. If not, I linked everything I use in my routine below –

5. Persist – the more you shave your head, the more it will adjust

I bring this up often, and I’m a firm believer in it – as a human, your body will adapt to change. Initially, shaving your head every day may cause some weird breakouts, dandruff, etc. Over time though, your skin will toughen up, and shaving it will be easy for you.

Some Notes on Bald Skincare

  • It’s just skin, so care for it like you would the rest of your skin. Follow the basics listed above.
  • You should get a hat. After you get a solid tan, you have to be careful to avoid sunburn. If you can’t wear a hat, use sunscreen – but honestly, sunscreen is kind of a hassle, it’s easier to just wear a hat.
  • Get a beanie. When you shave your head, it’s going to be cold. You spent your entire life with an extra layer of insulation on your head, and now it’s gone – there’s nothing. Brace for the cold!
  • Bald skincare really is no different from facial skincare. The differences are that initially, there will be a brief adjustment period, and that there is a lot more skin to care for when you’re bald.


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