Can bald guys get girls?

Hello champions! When I first went bald at 20, I was worried that I would never be able to have a relationship with a girl again. I’m not alone in that sentiment – in fact, the primary concern for bald guys seems to be attracting women. Starting out, a lot of us think that bald and attractive are opposites – “attractive bald guy” is just a funny oxymoron. Fortunately, that’s really not the case – going bald is not a death sentence to your level of attraction. There are other, more important forces that will determine your level of attractiveness. So, let this be a little collection of dating advice for bald guys. When I first went bald at 20, my confidence was shot – today, I wish I had read a post like this one at that age. Being bald is totally fine, normal, and it’s prevalence in men is only growing as the population grows. If something was the end of sexual attraction, wouldn’t it slowly evolve out?

Good news dudes – yep, bald guys can get girls. If you don’t want to take my word for it, I listed a couple of great resources from people more credible than myself at the end that will help you out.

Some Facts Regarding Your Attraction

Here’s the cool thing about the opposite sex – despite what you may think, they are way less superficial than us when it comes to who they match up with. They care more about your lasting qualities like judgment, character, intellect, sense of humor, etc.

If you’ve personally noticed a steep drop off in your dating life after going bald, it’s probably because of your own thinking. If you go out at night thinking “ah, I’m bald – girls won’t like me.” – the girls probably aren’t gong to like you. This is the result of thousands of years of evolution – a confident man is better able to protect her and meet her needs. A guy who is insecure and think’s he isn’t capable of anything isn’t even going to try, he’ll just give up and wallow in their insecurity. It isn’t attractive.

Think about it – being bald isn’t what’s hurting you. It’s how your dealing with it. Plenty of bald guys have lived great lives, attracted many women, and gone on to be total success stories.

Now, given that, they’re still going to notice you’re bald. There’s no hiding that, you just have to rock it confidently. You might even be surprised to experience the reality of bald attraction: the overwhelming majority of girls don’t care that you’re bald, some are super into it, and only a very small subset aren’t into it. That’s the reality of any kind of person – no matter what subset of people you fall under, some will be indifferent to you, some will be super into you, some will not even give you a chance.

Bald Guys Can Get Girls

In my own situation, when I first went bald at 20 I was pretty insecure about it. I would have perfect opportunity to go talk to girls, but instead I will try to hide my baldness and avoid all conversation for fear of rejection.

If you’ve read my own personal story on finally accepting hair loss, you’d see that when you finally just embrace whats been handed to you and are confident in your own skin, good things will happen.

Last summer, I was a bartender at a really cool little beach town on the east coast. For whatever reason, girls seem to like bartenders. Despite my world ending baldness, I still had plenty of success with girls. Most of them were just random girls that I served, sparked conversation with, that eventually left their phone number on the receipt for me. For the record, I was 23 years old, and the girls were in the 21-23 range too.

Believe it or not, a few of them even brought up my total lack of hair. Not because they didn’t like it, but because they weren’t used to seeing bald guys like me at our age. I remember one specifically, she was talking about her hair “being gross” after we went swimming in the ocean. Being the very corny guy that I am, I said something along the lines of “Huh, that sucks – I don’t really ever have that problem.” She laughed, wrapped her arms around me, said “you have no hair at all, and I love it.” She kissed me, and I could tell she meant it.

It happened again with another girl I knew through friends when we were at the beach. I was rubbing sunscreen on my head (It’s so annoying, but you should all be doing this too) she noticed, started cracking up, came over and started rubbing it on my head for me. She thought it was hilarious, but she was still into me. At that point, I had already been talking to her for about a week – I remember that moment specifically, moments like that just feel good.

Every single girl I’ve been with since I shaved my head has made some sort of acknowledgement of my bald head. But here’s the thing about it – they either didn’t care, or they were super into it. I think in the majority of cases I opened a new world for them, they didn’t know they could be attracted to bald guys until they met me. That sounds extremely pompous, I’m sorry.

But you can do it too. I’m not special at all, I’m a pretty normal guy really. Just read the guide on looking good, follow those steps, and read the other guides on this site.

If you’re asking a question like “Can bald guys get girls?”, you’re probably asking because you’re bald and you’re looking for some reassurance. I know that to you, I am just words on a page, so I have some proof that there are other bald guys out there.

Example Bald Guys that Get Girls

Neil Strauss

Do you know who that is? Neil Strauss is the greatest pickup artist of all time. If you don’t already know, a pickup artist is a person who masters the craft of picking up women. This guy has had more success than probably anyone else in the planet, and he’s a short, skinny bald guy. He is proof – bald guys can get girls, and they can be the best at it.

Neil Strauss

Vadim from Honest Signalz

This guy runs a company called Honest Signalz, whose goal is essentially to help guys become more successful with women. There aren’t any uncopyrighted photos of him, but he has tons of videos on youtube of him getting girls. He is bald, but he’s confident, well spoken, and funny. Because of that, he picks up girls like crazy, and other guys with full heads of hair go to him for advice. Here is a video of him working his magic, I highly recommend watching his videos if you ever think your hairline is stopping you from getting girls.

Sean Connery

Sean Connery was named “Sexiest Man Alive” in 1989, despite rocking a full horseshoe and being a very bald man. He’s interesting, he speaks well, and he’s confident – that’s what matters.

Pretty Much any Other Guy That is Bald and Confident

Plenty of bald guys are very successful with women. They’ve all fulfilled the steps I outlined here, and that’s why they do so well. Sure, it seems like a lot of the internet examples of attractive bald guys are all rich celebrities, but same with pretty much every category. If you look up “attractive women”, you’re just going to find celebrities. If you want real world examples, just look around – plenty of bald guys are doing just fine in their life. If bald guys couldn’t get girls, why would there be some many bald guys? Wouldn’t that have evolved out by now?

Resources to Help you Get Girls

  • The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists
    • This was written by Neil Strauss, a bald guy, and the most successful pickup artist of all time. He even talks about how he handled his hairloss in regards to dating in the book. It’s a must read. I listened to it as an audiobook, and it’s narrated by Neil Strauss himself.
    • Audible Version
  • Models: Attract Women Through Honesty
    • This was written by Mark Manson. He’s an average looking dude that just took steps to improve himself as a person and he has great success with girls too. This is a good book because it’s a totally reasonable overview on how to be attractive to girls.
    • Audible Version