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Bald Style: How to Dress as a Bald Guy Attractively [2020]

Image by Eduardo Sciammarella from Los Angeles, USA (American Idol), [CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As a member of the bald brotherhood, I have a little secret that I would like to share with you. Dressing fashionably is the easiest thing you can do to quickly improve your appearance in a drastic way. Exercise is better, and you should absolutely be working out, but dressing well will jump start your level of attraction. Lucky for you, dressing attractively isn’t all that difficult. This is a guide to help you get there, a guide on bald fashion. Like most things on this site, this guide is pretty extensive.

How to Dress as a Bald Guy

In general, your look is made up of three things – your physique, how you carry yourself, and how you dress. So if you want to improve your look, work on those three things. This specific guide focuses on how to dress well, so for the other two pillars of your look you’ll have to read other pages on this site. In general though, the idea is to exercise often and carry yourself with confidence. OK, check – onto dressing well.

Follow the basics

If you’re like I was in my younger days, you probably have no idea how to dress well. In my college years, I would only be caught wearing 3 things: an old gray hoodie, a pair of jeans, and my nike sneakers. Girls never went out of their way to speak to me. Turn around to now, a few years later, and now it’s not so uncommon for me to get approached by women. I attribute this to selecting a grooming style that fits me, getting in shape, and dressing well. You can get there too, I’m not special.

As this is a guide specific to bald fashion, I’ll just graze over the basics of dressing well.

  • Wear clothes that fit correctly
    • Upper body: the line sew on your shoulder should end exactly where your shoulder ends. Any longer, the shirt is too big. Any shorter, the shirt is too small. Keep it simple. Please, for the love of god, do not wear any graphic tees.
    • Pants: your pants should only have at most 2-3 creases at your ankles. They should fit the frame of your legs without being too baggy.
  • Match
    • Look at a color wheel. There are usually at least 4-5 shades of each color. As a general rule, try to wear clothes that are within 1 shade of each other. To keep it simple, stick to colors like blue, gray, black, brown. I would hate for you to walk down the street wearing 4 shades of orange.
  • Update your wardrobe 2x a year
    • If you aren’t sure what to buy, try joining Stitch Fix. They’ll send you a box of clothes, you try them on, keep what you like and send the rest back. It’s pretty awesome.
Sign Up For a Styling Service Like Stitch Fix

Guys, I cannot recommend this enough. Sign up for a styling service like Stitch Fix. In a nutshell, you send them photos of yourself, a professional stylist will take a look and work with you to determine a style you’d like to go for. They’ll send you some clothes and you like them, you keep them, if you don’t, you just send the box back. If you’re tight on cash, just do it one time because having a stylist help you pick your look is HUGE. Everything written in this guide, they already know, they’ll send you exactly what you need to dress well. Consider it a “style hack.”

Pick a Style That Matches Your Personality

You can pick any style you want, really – but the there are only a few styles that seem to work really well when you’re bald:

How to dress as a bald guy: Style Options

  • Rugged, manly, “bad-ass”
    • Think leather jackets, the color black, jeans that fit
    • This is the best look for bald guys. It’s been clinically shown that bald men are perceived as more masculine/dominant – this look capitalizes on that perception.
    • For inspiration, look up photos of Milan Vukmirovic and Jason Statham.
    • The bald badass style works best for bald guys that are buff and have Type-A personalities
  • White-Collar Professional
    • Think collared shirts, chino pants, and peacoats
    • This is the look I rock on a daily basis.
    • It works well for guys who are physically fit (not huge, but a generally athletic build) and hang with a white-collared crowd. 
    • I highly recommend it if you don’t think you can pull off the “badass” look but also aren’t a hipster / can’t grow a hipster beard.
  • Bald hipster
    • Think plaid, bald with a beard, and lots of layers
    • This is another solid style for bald guys. It’s the better option if you haven’t exercised enough to pull off the rugged/bad guy look.
    • This works well for three types of bald guys:
      • Actual hipsters that are bald
      • Guys who are not built enough for the other two looks
      • Guys that are bald and bearded
    • For inspiration here, look up “bald hipster” in google. You’ll notice that they virtually all have some form of facial hair. (hint: bald and beard is in) 
  • Bald with Beard Style
    • The bald with beard style is a look of it’s own, and doesn’t necessarily always conform to the bald hipster look
    • Bald with Beard Style 1:
      • Mountain man
        • Works for guys that are largely built and can grow a mean beard
        • Think jeans, corduroy, and plaid shirts
    • Bald with Beard Style 2:
      • Hipster
        • We went over this already. Ideally though, bald with beard style 2 hipster will work best for guys that can’t pull of other looks because they aren’t quite big enough
    • Bald With Beard Style 3
      • Athlete
        • Again, you should be well built for this look.
        • With this look, you can pretty much wear athletic clothes whenever you want but you need to have an actual sport backing the look, like weight-lifting, crossfit, football, etc.
Reduce Bare Skin

When you’re bald, your skin can all kind of “blob together” as one since you now have so much of it showing. Your face, head, and neck can all amount to a giant ocean of skin. Ideally, you want to counter this effect of “too much skin” as much as possible, this is how:

  • Wear collared shirts and button downs
    • Shirts with collars are your friend. There are so many different collared shirts to pick from too, they aren’t all formal. By covering your neck, you are framing your face and reducing the “too much skin” effect, it’s a win/win.
  • Wear glasses/sunglasses
    • If you have perfect vision, don’t wear fake glasses. Just get a pair of nice Ray Bans and wear them often, sunglasses are great for bald guys.
    • As far as actual glasses, do not get rectangular glasses with straight edges. You want to have a rounder shape, think halfway between square and rectangle with round edges. Look up photos of Stanley Tucci with glasses to get an idea of what is best.
Be “Style-Conscious”

You want to know how to dress as a bald guy, but this piece of advice applies to everyone, hair or no hair. Any time you leave your house, you should be dressed well. It is impossible for you to know who you might meet. If you’re dressed and feel confident, you will always be ready to act upon any opportunity presented to you. I cannot tell you how many times in my youth I thought “I can’t go talk to her, I’m dressed like a bum right now.” Don’t let that happen to you! Throw on your collared shirt, get out there and feel good about how you look. Dress the season, look your best. You’ll never want to miss out on an opportunity just because you aren’t dressed for the occasion.

Bald Style Essentials

Oddly enough, the most well-dressed people I know don’t even have that many clothes. They just have the right clothes, which really isn’t that much.

As a bald guy looking for some bald style tips, you’d be surprised to know that you don’t really even need that many clothes.

That’s the reality – as a guy, you really don’t need much to dress well. I outlined in the next section literally everything you would need.

An Entire Wardrobe – All You Really Need
  • 3-4 dress shirts (example – I am very fond of Ralph Lauren button downs)
    • Dress shirts are amazing for bald guys. They cover our neck, frame our face, and are appropriate for the majority of occasions.
  • 3-4 T-Shirts (13 dollar set of all you really need)
  • 2 Pairs of Jeans (You should probably go to an actual store to get good fitting jeans)
  • 1 Pair of Chinos (Again, go to an actual store)
  • 1 Pair of Dress Pants (…go to a store and try some pants on)
Other Random Suggestions Regarding Bald Style

Get some Aviators. Every single bald celebrity rocks Aviators on a daily basis. Aviators just work and generally look badass on bald guys. Probably the easiest single item in this entire guide that will really bolster and style your bald look.

Get a peacoat if you live in a place that gets cold enough to warrant a jacket. Peacoats just give an aura of power and sophistication and really aligns with the bald look.

Emulate the Style of an already Fashionable Bald Person

Instagram is your friend, as is google search. Spend some time researching how the greats are dressing. Here are some names to get you started.

  • Milan Vukmirovic – Editor in Chief and Founder of FASHION FOR MEN
  • Ethan Newton – Founder of Brycland’s Co, winner of Best Dressed Man of The year – 2018
  • Stanley Tucci – Famous actor with a cult following and an astute style
  • Jason Statham – Famous actor, known also for rugged style

How to Dress as A Bald Guy – Conclusion

Guys, I hope this was helpful to you. If you’re lazy and just skipped ahead hoping for a TL;DR: then you’re in luck. Here it is.

How to dress bald TL;DR: Wear clothes that fit, color match, and fit your personality. Get a pair of aviators and wear them with collared shirts. Join the email list for further info.

Moving Forward with Bald Style

This post on how to dress as a bald guy is, admittedly, only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much information regarding bald style and dressing well, so I didn’t want to overload you in one single post.

I am in the process of writing guides that go more in depth on how to dress as a bald guy with specific styles you can experiment with, actual outfit ideas for bald men, as well as photo examples that you can refer to for inspiration.

Just sign up for my email list below and I’ll let you know as soon as I publish those guides that delve deeper into how to dress as a bald guy.

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  1. definitely agree, not often such a thing as over-dressed, proper shirts etc are ok any time.
    a big part of it is the mental block, you need to stop caring that you are bald, a lot of your attractiveness is based on your confidence, and not giving a damn. hats are good in the sun, but please don’t wear a hat when its dark, just to hide your head, that just looks insecure.
    own it, the ladies care much less than you do.

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