Bald with dandruff

Bald With Dandruff? Here’s how to deal with it.

The joys of being bald!  Don’t worry guys, a lot of men are bald with dandruff. Fortunately for us, it’s pretty easy to deal with the little flakes on your head. This may come as a surprise, but you probably had dandruff before you event started started shaving your head. It normally isn’t a side effect of hair loss, but rather a pre-existing condition that was just revealed after you started losing your hair.

Just follow along with the guide and by the end you’ll have an actionable plan to get rid of that annoying dandruff on your bald head.

Being bald with dandruff can be caused by a few different things, but generally it comes down to products you’re using on your head that may be causing excessive dryness or oiliness on the scalp.

Potential Cause 1: Minoxidil 

If you’re minoxidil, there is a good chance that the minoxidil is causing the dandruff on your head. Minoxidil is notorious for causing bald guys to have scalp dandruff. Luckily dandruff caused by minoxidil is really easy to fix and you don’t even need to stop using the minoxidil.

How to fix dandruff caused by minoxidil:

First, get ketoconazole shampoo and apply it 2x a week, leaving it on your head for 3-5 minutes

Second, if your scalp ever feels dry, immediately apply lotion to moisturize it. We recommend Head Lube Matte for guys that are bald with dandruff because it keeps the scalp moisturized and healthy and also mattes the scalp so it isn’t super shiny.

Ketoconazole shampoo and minoxidil are a match made in heaven. Virtually every hair loss expert will recommend using Ketoconazole in unison with minoxidil because it fights the dandruff caused by minoxidil and also acts as a topical DHT inhibitor as an additional weapon against hair loss. In this study, 80% of subjects on Ketoconazole shampoo showed significant improvement in their seborrheic dermatitis and improved hair efficacy in their scalp.

Where to buy the treatments:

You don’t need a prescription to buy Ketoconazole and you can just buy it online from amazon. It’s only 13 bucks and it works astounding well in clearing out dandruff and also helping you keep any remaining hair, so we recommend it whole-heartedly.

We recommend using it 2-3x a week and letting it sit on the scalp for 3 to 5 minutes.

Head Lube Matte is also great for guys that are bald with dandruff because it’s a great moisturizer and reduces oily shine a lot of bald men have. You can get that on amazon too.

Potential Cause 2: Your scalp is Excessively Oily 

Even though dandruff appears to just be fakes of skin, it’s normally flakes of yeast fungus growing on your scalp. Scalp fungus thrives under oily conditions, so if you have an oily scalp it’s likely that is the cause of your case of being bald with dandruff.

Excessively oily scalps are normally caused like this: a person uses a cheap shampoo and it completely dries out their scalp. The scalp senses this and reacts by secreting oil, often too much oil.

The trick is the scalp triggering this reaction of excessive oil production, and the way to do that is to stop using cheap shampoos with harsh chemicals every night that dry out your scalp.

How to fix dandruff caused by excessive oil on the scalp:

First, replace your cheap chemical shampoo with something organic that keeps your head clean without chemically drying it out. Our recommended shampoo for guys that are bald with dandruff.

Second, use ketoconazole shampoo and apply it 2x a week, leaving it on your head for 3-5 minutes.

Third, if your head is ever dry, immediately apply lotion to moisturize the scalp. This is how you can stop your scalp from excreting excessive oils as a reaction to a dry scalp. Our recommended lotion for bald guys (keeps your head moisturized and not shiny)

If you follow the above three steps, your dandruff will probably be gone within a few weeks. The majority of men that have dandruff have dandruff simply because they’re overusing cheap chemical shampoos. These shampoo companies market their product as a treatment for dandruff but in many cases are actually the cause.

There is an entire movement for organic products these days, but in the case of shampoo I think there is really a case to be made, especially for guys that are bald with dandruff. Basically – organic shampoos are great because they keep your scalp clean without causing excessive chemical dryness.

Ketoconazole shampoo is a clinically proven effective treatment against dandruff caused by yeast, fungus, and excessive oil on the scalp. You can buy ketoconazole at virtually any pharmacy over the counter without a prescription.

Where to Buy Treatments for Dandruff Caused by Excessive Oil on Scalp

Organic Shampoo – Most pharmacies at this point carry at least 1 or two organic shampoos, but they can be hit or miss. We recommend just getting organic shampoo from amazon, particularly this shampoo because it has glowing reviews and is pH balanced.

Ketoconazole – Virtually every pharmacy carries Nizoral, a generic brand of Ketoconazole. You can also get it pretty cheap on amazon.

Head Lotion – You won’t be able to find Head Lube Matte at any retail location, it’s best to just get that on amazon.


Bald With Dandruff – Conclusion

Dandruff generally is pretty tricky to treat, but hopefully this guide has been of value to you.

Dandruff caused by minoxidil will usually go away when you start to use Ketoconazole 2-3x a week.

Head dandruff caused by excessively dry skin is a little bit trickier. You just need to identify why the skin is excessively dry and address that. Usually, it’s because you’re using a cheap chemical shampoo. Swap in a gentle and organic shampoo and start using Ketoconzole 2-3x a week.

Overall, being bald with dandruff is something you should quickly address. Just follow the protocol depending on the cause and you should be dandruff free within a few weeks.


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  1. I stopped balding just a week ago because I get a lot of rashes on my head using ordinary blades for a clean cut. I can’t use creeper because it leaves me with a lot of hair and now I’m so unhappy because I can’t get what I want without blades like razors or shaving sticks, please I need your advice on this. I love my bald look, thanks a million bro

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