Bald Champions’ Reading Guide

Welcome to the Bald Mans Reading Guide!

The reason I started this site was to help guys that are going bald. I’ve posted guides on picking your style, maximizing your appearance, even about how to get girls bald. I’m happy to help you in all of these ways, in fact – I completely enjoy it. Despite all of that, I think the most helpful thing I can do to improve you as a man is to get you consuming books. In books, you can absorb entire lifetimes worth of wisdom in a few hours.

In my own experience, books have been imperative in my journey to becoming a better man. Various books have shaped my opinions on the world, they’ve made me see things I wouldn’t have noticed before, and above all – they’ve increased the amount of information I have.

Put simply, books make you better because they provide you with information you wouldn’t have otherwise encountered. This is good because you’ll be better at making conversation, decisions, and relating to people. You’ll have a bigger worldview. These are all traits that will make you a more interesting and attractive guy to be around.

Alright – got a little carried away there. I shouldn’t have to convince you to read books! The benefits of books speak for themselves.

With all of that said – if you don’t feel like reading, just get an audible subscription. Lucky for you, all Bald Champion readers are entitled to a free trial of audible, you can all get two books for free. Here’s the link for the free trial. Audiobooks are nice because they’re cheaper and you can listen to them while you drive, workout, walk, grocery shop, etc. You can basically double your daily productivity with audio books, which is fantastic.

Read any of these books and your own newfound curiosity will do the rest. I’ve read hundreds of books at this point, but these books listed above I think will be the most useful to somebody like you.

Fun side note, my favorite book of all time, easy, no question is a fiction book that might not be totally useful for you. Despite that, if you’re looking for some entertainment, I highly recommend Ready Player One: A Novel. It’s admittedly a really nerdy book, but if you’re into video games and stuff like me you’ll probably like it.